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Christmas Traditions

You all know I love traditions, and Christmas is a time filled with traditions.  Since my G-man was born, there are a few traditions that I stick with each year so he can grow up to remember those special moments from his childhood.  I admit, I enjoy them, too.  I hold so many special Christmas memories of when I was a little girl close to my heart, so I hope to pass the same things down to my children.

Picture with Santa.
I can still remember every detail of this day.  He was a tired little boy, only a few months old, but he was a trooper and held out for Santa.

Not too sure about this Santa guy, mom.


Christmas pjs.
Gray with his Bella.


Gray likes to wear his potty training seat as a hat with his pjs.

LSU tree.
This year, I put the tree up in Grayson's room so he could enjoy it.  He absolutely loves having a "missmiss tree" in there.

Every year, I add a few more LSU ornaments {they aren't hard to come by around here}.  I also added some other sentimental ornaments this year that make it more special.  It also means so much to see the tree "grow" with each year.  Each ornament has a fond memory.  The polka dot dog came from our trip to Seaside last Christmas.  The topper is actually a knit hat that Jamie's brother had handmade for his first winter.  I also included all his picture frame ornaments, which are fun {please excuse the empty frame in the middle...it's new and I'm slacking a bit}.

Elf on the Shelf.
It seems that the Elf on the Shelf has been a big hit and a fun addition to Christmas traditions.  Grayson is a little young to understand, but this elf has still been spotted around our house.  That sneaky little elf.

This elf likes to live dangerously.

And it seems that little elf did his job by telling Santa what everyone wanted.  If only he could help me wrap all this...

Merry Christmas Eve!  What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


  1. just curious, is that 2009 santa pic taken in houston?!?

    merry christmas to you and your family!!!

  2. Our traditions when you guys were growing up included: new Christmas outfits for church, spending time with all of our family, going to see Christmas decorations in DeRidder and riding the Christmas train, attending your Christmas programs at school and on and on. But time changes things and now we have new traditions and life just gets better and better :))

  3. Yes, Lili! It was taken in the Galleria. He is the best looking Santa! Mom, those are great traditions! I will always remember them!