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Rainy Day Inspiration

While you may be experiencing snow blizzards in your neck of the woods, it's all thunderstorms here.  Not a bad way to spend the day with my boy cooped up indoors {in our pjs, nonetheless}.  I actually love days like this.  You don't have to feel guilty for not running your seemingly endless errands.  You can focus on things around the house {laundry, dishes, the things that are always piling up}, watch an old favorite movie, or spend wasteful time on the computer.  Let's just hope I don't go into labor in this weather!

If you're stuck indoors on this rainy {or snowy} day, you may also enjoy a fun, crafty activity to rid those rainy day blues.  It is February already, which means that Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  This also means that you may have already started thinking about that special someone in your life or fun valentines for your children's friends.  Here are a few fun activities that you and your child can enjoy doing together.

These adorable valentines are made out of flattened cupcake liners.  We all have these in the house, and they can easily be embellished with cute little touches.

Watercolor is a huge trend right now.  This photo from The Sweetest Occasion made me feel like a child again.  Pull out the paint, water, and brushes!

Who doesn't love a little hand?  Precious.

{images via Martha}

Have a sweet tooth?
Martha does it again with these cupcakes topped with fudge brownie hearts.  Yum!  

Try these adorable homemade heart-shaped marshmallows.  Recipe here.

Write a sweet, personal message on your cupcakes.  Pretty and delish!

Enjoy!  Happy first day of February!


  1. love this! getting me in the Valentine Mood! :)

  2. valentine's day is my FAVE holiday! love the cupcake cups idea - super cute!

    now...bring on the pics of that sweet baby girl's nursery!