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Baby girl shoes

As you know, little bit just turned 1 a few weeks ago.  She started staking steps a few weeks before her birthday, but now she is all over the place.  Sloan normally would pull her shoes off immediately after I put them on, but now that she is mobile, shoes are a must.  So, being the accessory-lover that I am, shoes are fun to buy...especially cute, tiny, baby ones.

Here are some of my favorite shoes that I am looking at for little Sloan.  And they are so cute, I will take them in my size, too.

Of course she will own a pink pair of Converse...every girl should.
She has these teeny little Sperrys.  Too cute.
I have been eyeing these Hunter's First Wellies for a while now, and apparently I am not the only one because they are on backorder.  

Both of these flats are from Baby Gap and she would own them if her feet were big enough.
These sandals are available at Old Navy, and are just perfect for summer.

Let's not forget about baby Toms.  If I had my way, she would have these in every color.

These just might be my favorite at the moment.  Sloan wore these Mary Janes at her birthday party {details coming soon} and they made her whole outfit.  I am in love.  Gracious May has the most precious little shoes for baby girls and boys.  There is not one pair I don't like.

These are just a few of my favorite shoes for baby girl.  Now if she would just keep her headbands and hair clips in her hair!


  1. How precious they all are! I can just see each pair on my little girlie:)

    1. Well, she will probably have more shoes than she actually needs:) She already has 4 bathing suits for this season!