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Mommy products I love

I always like hearing from other mothers things that make life as a mommy a little easier.  So, I thought I would share a few things I can't live without.

Whether you are a new mother or just someone who loves trying new products, you will find these so helpful!

First up....

The Mommy Hook
You may have heard of it, but in case you haven't, this is a must.  Some strollers have a handle bar that goes across, keeping you from being able to hang your purse or packages when shopping.  That's when the Mommy Hook comes in.  You can use it on strollers, shopping carts, and anything else you can think of.  And for under $10, you aren't breaking the bank.  Handy dandy!

Skip Hop Bottle Drying Rack
I love, love this product.  Yes, there are many drying racks out there, but this one is awesome.  It comes with a brush in the middle and it even swivels.  I can't live without this one.

Kids love playing with our expensive, technological devices.  And why wouldn't they?  There are games and all kinds of fun apps for kids.  Even Sloaney knows how to slide open my iPhone, which blows my mind every time she does it!  But let's face it...they can destroy a phone or iPad in a split second {I know because it's happened once or twice!}.

So, when I spotted this walking down the aisle at ToysRUs, I thought how brilliant!  

Fisher Price Cell Phone Case
Kids or babies can still work the phone, and it won't get damaged if they drop it.  The downside is that it only works for iPhones.

Let's not neglect our iPads.  

iGuy iPad Case
This little guy is not only cute, but protects both iPads 1 and 2.  It comes in orange, lime green, and turquoise.  He is soft, but can stand up as well.  Great product if you have kids...or not!

So, mommies...what products make your life a little easiers?  I would love to hear. 
Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. those are all awesome!!!! thanks so much for posting, I could have used all of them for sure :)