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Weekly Wrap Up

Is it Friday already?  Where has this week gone?  Perhaps it flew by because we stayed so busy.

This week went a little something like this...

I found this cute little pineapple thingy on our way to festival this weekend.  It was in a convenience store, believe it or not!  It was cute and for $12, I thought why not?  Oh, if you could have only seen the expression on Jamie's face!  But I had vision.  I have been wanting something like this to go in our kitchen for a while.  So, the pineapple thingy has found a home right here to next to my favorite entertaining books.  I quite like it.  What do you think?

The kids and I drove an hour to my aunt and uncle's house to visit with my grandmother aka Grams.  We had a lovely lunch by the pool.  Gray got in the water for a bit, but he was more interested in the goggles, or "glasses" as he refers to them.
{Isn't she so pretty and so tan?}

The highlight of Wednesday was that I got my highlights {silly pun}.  I have to get my hair done every 6-7 weeks, and that last week always kills me because I can't stand having roots.  Crazy how good your hair can make you feel!  Meanwhile, my little man's toys have taken over our coffee table.  On any given day, you will see our beautiful, chic, mirrored coffee table like this...
and I wouldn't change it.  Nor could I change it if I wanted to!  It's all super heroes, Transformers, and Power Rangers these days, and if they come in the form of a lego--even better!  And if you know anything about Transformers, those things aren't easy to transform!  Just sayin'.

On his way to work, Jamie sent me this picture of a rainbow over the lake.  Nice way to start the morning. 

The kids and I had lunch and a play date with a dear friend mine I grew up with.  Our children are the exact same ages, so you can imagine all the fun!  Look at those helpful big brothers...love it!  I also squeezed in a relaxing mani/pedi {long overdue} and a dinner alone with my husband at Outback.  Not super fancy, but it sure it nice to have a quiet, sit-down dinner every once in a while.

I am headed to my parents' this weekend since Jamie will be out of town for a meeting.  It should a fun-filled weekend.  Looks like we will be going to another festival--May Fest!

What an exciting weekend!  Have any plans for Cinco de Mayo or Kentucky Derby?  I will not be partaking in any of the festivities this year, so have a Mint Julep or Margarita for me!

Happy Weekend!

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