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Going for the Gold

As the 2012 Olympics are upon us, gold is a hot topic.  

I mostly wear gold when it comes to jewelry, but have really been into decorating with it lately.  It's fun to add a little touch of gold into our home.  Decorating with gold is very traditional, but can come off gaudy sometimes.  I like a few touches of gold, and it even looks great mixed with silver.  They say gold is the new silver!  

Once again, I turned to Pinterest.  Here is a little gold inspiration for you.

So, what do you think about gold?  Love it or leave it?


  1. Love it especially in the things you shared.

  2. gold is hard. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I think it is tacky, it really just depends. Gold jewlry, nail polish totally down. The rest.... have to see it. Love this collection though, though I would be frightened I'd kill myself in those heels! :)

    Heather from lifeofapasseri.com