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Back To School

First Day of School Ideas
What a cute, fun way to document the first day of school each year.  Must do this!

How about a back to school treat?

This is such a great idea...
Buy this book and have each teacher from your child's education sign it, then give it to them at graduation!

School Lunch Ideas
I can't wait to leave my kids little notes to brighten their day.  A little chalkboard paint will do the trick!

{fun bento lunches}

Teacher Gift Ideas

Hope you enjoyed these ideas.  For more inspiration, check out my Back to School Pinterest board.  That is all:)  Have a great day!


  1. Colleen, did you see my first day of school pics for Cole? I couldn't find the right size chalkboard so I used a thick cute black board that I found at Hobby Lobby. The white chalk looked perfect on it! It makes the perfect picture! Such a neat way to document their first day of school each year! I plan to do this every year until they both graduate...maybe college graduation!!