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Monday Musings

I have to start off by saying that I am super excited it's Shark Week!  Seriously, I have always been intrigued by sharks...this coming from a girl who won't even get in the ocean for fear phobia of sharks.  Perhaps that's why I find them so interesting.  
Am I weird?

I am still exhausted from this weekend.  We had not one, but two birthday parties to go to.  We had a blast, but partying with a bunch of little ones will take it out of you.
Here is Grayson at the 2nd birthday party...so serious.  
He always manages to find a mask and a sword:)

Today, I browsed our mall and hit up Gap Kids.  I spotted these seriously darling flats for my little Sloan, and just had to take them home.  She wears toddler-sized shoes now.  Tear:(
Slo Jo absolutely loves shoes.  She hasn't even taken the pink ones off yet.

Lastly, I must share this with you because it made me LOL...
I have a good feeling that I am not the only one this speaks to.

Hope your week if off to a great start!  I see that a lot of kiddos went back to school today, which makes me very sad thinking that my little man will be starting school in just one year.  Slow down!  

Wishing you all the best getting everyone back in a routine.
Stay tuned tomorrow as I am sharing some of my favorite finds for back to school!

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