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Halloween in Black and White

I feel it appropriate to post some of my favorite Halloween pins from this season.  I am particularly fond of black and white Halloween decor, so I'm sharing a few images that have me inspired lately.

What's inspiring you this Halloween?

Whew, we have a busy week ahead.  We are prepping for our 3rd annual Halloween party on Saturday {adults only}, which will be no less than fabulous!  Oh, and did I mention my husband will be gone for the remainder of the week?  This means I will be one busy mama.  Stay tuned, I will be sharing the details of the party and costumes!  

I think a good scary movie is in order for tonight.  Between presidential debates and the Disney channel {and Transformers, and Power Rangers, and Yo Gabba Gabba}, this mommy needs a little TV time.  So, here's to hoping that my kids go to bed early tonight since I have dvr'd my all-time favorite scary flick..."Halloween."  It's such a classic and never gets old.  Thanks AMC for your annual horror movie marathon.  You rock!  

Have a great week!

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