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TGIF and Dublin II

Yay for the weekend!
Jamie is going on a business trip to Nola {lucky guy}.  So as usual, I'm headed up to my parents' for the weekend.  Should be lots of fun...we're planning on going to the football game for my high school's Homecoming.  I'm so excited to take Gray to my old stomping grounds and see lots of friends I haven't seen in years!  We will also be going to yet another pumpkin patch!  Good times.

In case you're wondering, Grayson did really well at his dentist appointment yesterday.  He was so talkative and polite to the doctor, and sat right up in the chair like a big boy.  I was so proud.

So, as promised, I took him to Tarjay for a prize.  Let me tell you, Target has it going on in the shoe department!  I almost bought a pair of booties, but I really didn't need them.  Did I just say I didn't buy something because I didn't "need" it?  Wow, that happens never.  Especially on Target trips.  Anyway, they have lots of really cute shoes and boots this season for great prices.  And they don't look cheap!

Well, Dublin has officially gone to Fish Heaven {meaning he was gracefully flushed down the toilet by my willing husband}.  This was not easy for me.  I have a soft spot for all things living.  I even hate killing those darned love bugs that drive me crazy.  But it had to be done.  Yes, there were tears shed...me, not Gray.  He has no idea.  RIP Dublin I.
So, while Gray was at school today, me and Sloaney set out to find the perfect Dublin II.  
And we did:)  All things are better at the Augustine's!

Also while at Target yesterday, Grayson picked out a dog costume for Brees.  I voted for the horse with the cowboy on top, but Grayson won that argument.  Shark it is.  We had fun trying it on him.  Sure, he won't win Best Costume Award, but it'll do.
Yes, it is supposed to look like he's being attacked by a shark...boys!

So, I leave you with this quote that I drew on our chalkboard as a reminder to...


Happy Weekend:)

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