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On My Mind

Good Morning.  Today is a two-cups-of-coffee kind of day.  I have a few random things on my mind, so let's chat!

First things first, we had a wonderful time spending the day with Grayson on his birthday.  While talking on the phone to his Bella that morning, she asked him how old he was.  He said, "I'm 3, about to be 4."  She said, "No, you are 4 today."  If you could have just seen his face.  Those wheels were spinning!  So, he finally realized that a birthday means you turn a year older...and he told everyone that day {even if they didn't ask} that he was 4 years old:)

We went out to eat and watched a really cute movie, Hotel Transylvania.  Daddy also picked up the biggest wooden pirate ship I ever seen for the Birthday Boy.  It's pretty awesome and Gray thinks so, too.
I have a 20-month-old who doesn't eat.  Like ever.  She has never been a big eater, but she would occasionally snack and at least get some nutrients.  But these days, she rarely eats and drink way too much.  I feel like a horrible parent, but you can't force this child to do anything.  This also makes for a very fussy baby.  So, I made an appointment with her pediatrician for next week.  This got me to thinking that perhaps its the foods I've been trying to feed her.  Which also got me thinking that there's no excuses as to why I haven't cooked her baby foods all along.  My husband has bought me not 1, but 3 baby cookbooks over the years.  I guess he was trying to tell me something.  You know I don't cook, but this is something I really want to start doing more of.  All these books are fantastic, by the way.

Speaking of things that don't eat...our poor little pet fish Dublin isn't doing so hot.  I think we may have to pull the whole "flush the fish down the toilet and get another one that looks exactly the same so Gray doesn't know" move.  It makes me really sad.  He spends most of his time not moving at the bottom of the tank.  But he's still alive, so I feel really bad.  I want to put him out of his misery:(  We are talking about a fish after all.

Doesn't he look pitiful?  I mean, how hard is it to keep a fish alive?
On a happier note, I have finally decided to get the ever so trendy "Ombre" done to my hair.  I've been contemplating it for some time now, but since I actually like my hair the way it is now, I didn't want to change it.  After seeing many pics on Pinterest, I made my mind up to go ahead and try it.  Plus, there's no worrying about roots!  I made my appointment, so I'll be sure to follow up with pics.
Here's some pretty inspiration...

I'm pretty pumped about it.
I can't believe it's almost Halloween again.  As I said, Grayson has really been into it this year.  He has been talking for a few months that he wanted to be Batman this year.  Typical, right?  When I saw the Max costume from "Where the Wild Things Are" at PBK, I just about died.  Seriously, one of the cutest Max costumes I've ever seen.  We tried it on him at the store a while back, but he still insisted he wanted to be Batman.  So, this mama did not push it on him, although I was really hoping he'd change his mind.  Well, one night a few weeks back, out of the blue he said he wanted to be Max.  So without hesitation, I ordered it right away.  He actually loves it and I couldn't be happier that he has chosen a more child-like costume than a "big boy" costume.  There's always next year...

Adorbs, right?  It was a little pricey, but it's really good quality.  We've been watching the movie and reading the book a lot, so I think Grayson will make a really good king of the wild things!  As for my little girly girl, I have chosen Raggedy Ann.  I don't have a pic yet because I bought the pattern and am having it made since I couldn't find one I liked.  I can't wait to see it.
I ordered a play tent for the playroom over a month ago and it's on backorder so it still hasn't come in.  I just love the idea of a tent to sit in to read and lounge, plus they are super cute!  I can see us spending lots of time in here.  Here are some tents that I think are precious.

Lastly, I don't watch much television.  Probably because my kids watch too much.  But lately, I've been into "The Voice."  I know, I'm a little late.  I just never took the time to get into it.  I assumed it was just another singing show.  But I love the idea behind it, and especially love seeing the stories behind the contestants.  Some are really touching.  I have even gotten my husband into it, and we are talking about someone who despises these kind of shows.  

Also, I have to give Christina props for standing up for recent "weight gain."  I think she looks great and I love her unique style, but I really respect how she is dealing with it.  She's happy with her body and that's something she should be praised for, not criticized.  I think she's a great role model for all females!

Ok, that is all.  Hope you're having a great week.  I will be taking Grayson to the dentist today...wish me luck.  No one likes going to the dentist, but this kid freaks out.  I may or may not have promised a prize if he's a good boy at the dentist.  Some things have to be done.  Just saying!


  1. Sounds like we have been running the same errands! Movies...hair appointments....girls who won't eat! I tell you, Mia is actually eating food now that I bit the bullet and took away her bottle (even though she still begs me for it)

    Hope to see y'all soon!

    1. I know! I need to take her bottle away, too. She should solely be on sippy cups by now, but she screams if she doesn't have her bottle! I'm also concerned that she still loves her paci. These things are all new to me bc Gray never had these issues...yikes! Girls are more stubborn I guess, ha! Anyway, this next week I promise we will get together. Gray gets out at 11:45 on MWF, so those days would prob be best for you since Jax goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'll be in touch. Have a great weekend!:)