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One Amazing Weekend

Fall is in full effect 'round here.  We had the best weekend ever.
Friday started off with a little Pumpkin Patch action.
Needless to say, the kids had a blast picking out pumpkins at Gray's school.  It was too cute for words.
{his look these days}

A happy moment:)

Saturday, we had my little man's birthday party.  Remember the one I planned in 2 weeks?  
Well, it was a complete success in my opinion!  Even though it was one of LSU's biggest games of the year!  You know you're from Louisiana when you have to plan around football games;)

My little ninja had the time of his life...
I will definitely fill you in on the details, but this photo totally sums it all up:)

Without any recuperating, we got up the next day and headed to Festival Acadiens {you may remember that we don't miss a single year}.  I can say that it was the best time we've had yet.  The boys said they didn't want to go, so we took off with a friend and his sweet daughter to spend the day eating, dancing, walking...you name it.  There is truly nothing like Festival Acadiens. 
It's a tradition to get my most favorite thing here...Shrimp On a Stick!  Yeah, baby!

I even got to hang with my bro {the red head}.

A little gift for the boys...

We also cooked a good ole' gumbo, watched some football, carved a pumpkin, and just enjoyed being.  Being family, being happy, being in the moment.  And you could tell by my house on Sunday...it was a complete mess.  But for once, I didn't stress.  I completely indulged.  And it was so worth it.

Here is the "lego" face pumpkin...I was going to use this at Gray's party, but I wasn't exactly proud of it.  The boys loved it though:)

Tomorrow is Grayson Clint Augustine's 4th birthday.  I can't say enough about this kid.  He is truly amazing, special, and makes every day a true blessing for me.  He can make me more lively than the blackest cup of coffee!  I love him more than life itself.  With that said, I have a complete day of fun planned for just me and the Birthday Boy.  And I cannot wait.  I will pack some tissues because I will sure need them:)

Have a great week, lovelies! XOXO

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