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Office Space

The hubs and I are in the market for an office desk.  Our Mac desktop crashed about a year ago during a storm.  Luckily, we were able to save everything onto a hard drive.  But we lost the computer.  If you know my husband, you know his love for all things Apple.  I call him the "Mac Daddy."  Seriously, he always has the latest Apple devices.  We held off on getting another desktop for a while, but the time has come.

This bad boy will soon be ours.
That's right...27 inches of awesomeness.  So thin and so chic.  I cannot wait.

So, if we're going to have a computer, naturally we need a computer desk.  We have a wall in our bedroom that will be used for a work area.  I've been pinning home office ideas for some time now, and am so excited that we will finally have one of our own.

Here are some options I'm considering...

You can't go wrong with a Parsons desk.
West Elm carries this desk in several colors.  It's very reasonable and can be incorporated into any room.

Here are some lovely offices with Parsons desks.
I love all the different elements going on in this room.  Modern desk, funky lamp, and glam mirror. 

Parsons + lucite chair

I've had my eye on the Jett Desk from Zgallerie for a few years.
I love the lines and it's a great price point!  This one is at the top of my list for sure.  I found some photos of similar desks.

I actually adore everything about this space.  The colors are soft and feminine.  

Love a striped wall!

This desk from Pottery Barn is pretty.  I'm not so sure my OCD self could take fingerprints on the glass, but still nice, nonetheless.

Some other lovely desks I can't pass up...

Small, but fuctional.

Camille Styles' home office might be my favorite space right now.

Gold and gray?  Yes, please!  Gorge.

Pretty space.

If you are close to an Ikea {unfortunately, we are not}, then you should check out this awesome Ikea hack!
What a great idea, and only the total project only cost around $50!
A little spray paint goes a long way. 

For more pretty home offices, check out my Pinterest board.

We just might find our desk this weekend.  Jamie had some business in San Antonio, so the kids and I are going to meet him on his way back in Houston.  I love a mini vacay.  This mama needs a 
break!  Of course, shopping with the littles doesn't quite define a break;)  Wish me luck!

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. The white theme complements with that mighty desktop. From tables to chairs, everything in that concept is elegant.

  2. Nice looking space! Its fresh appearance helps to boost one’s energy that is good to start one’s day at work. If you have a great view through your window, the fourth picture is good to consider. The natural light definitely saves you energy. You have good options here. I hope you were able to pick the best to your liking! Anyway, how’s your mini vacation?

    Clayton Steadham

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  4. White simply presents neatness. Your desk choices are gorgeous. :) They give justice to that awesome Mac desktop.

  5. I absolutely like your office concept! They are so calm and peaceful -- it’s the perfect working space for a virtual assistant like me. I also admire the color of the desk and the other fixtures. I’ll definitely do this on my own workstation. Thanks for sharing!